Parking Passes No Longer Needed to Park in Lot

4/1/23 by Mario Karte

 An email to parents has just announced that parking passes will no longer be needed to enter and park in the teacher/student parking lots starting immediately. This announcement has been authorized by school officials who claims that this great idea will “decrease tardiness," which has been a significant problem at Dreher.

When questioned about this announcement, junior Alex Bradley said, “now I don't have to take my friend to school anymore, he can now drive himself and park in the parking lot without the fear of getting towed.” As parking passes have been a large controversy within Dreher in the past years, administrators felt it would benefit the school to change the previous rule regarding the need for the passes.

Some may wonder what Dr. Georgie will do with his golf cart- but fear not, the "Lil' Rig" will still be in action by being used to chauffeur students from their cars to the school. With the influx of students being able to now park, a faster shuttle system is needed. From recent donations, Dr. Georgie's old cart will be upgrading to a 10-seater model. This new transportation will provide a fun and exciting service that has never before been seen at Dreher.