Missing Mole Rat Soon to Cause Infestation

3/30/23 by Seymour Ratts

Mr. Knight’s pet mole rat, known as “Beast,” has been reported missing on school grounds. On March 24, Mr. Knight brought the rat to school to help incorporate the rat into his daily classroom life. However, while Mr. Knight was out of his classroom on lunch duty, the cage became unlocked and the mole rat unfortunately found its way to freedom in the classroom.
               Believed to be running loose on the 2nd floor, the rat has still not been found. Dreher's Building Supervisor, Bartholomew Garfield, has stated, “When I was cleaning the hallway after school hours, I was met by several piles of rat droppings. It was terrifying. We need to find this critter, and fast.” Besides the mess the rat is making, there is a more serious issue at hand. When Mr. Knight brought the rat to Dreher, it was about to go in labor.
               Mr. Knight fears that Beast may be in labor as of now, or in the worst scenario, has already have given birth. According to the Smithsonian National Zoo, mole rats have been found to be able to lay up to 30 pups at a time. For the sake of the school, it is crucial we find the rat and any pups she may have laid in order to prevent an infestation on campus. 

Luckily, Beast has a defining spikey black and pink collar which should make her easy to spot in hard to look areas. Please keep a look out students!