All School Lunch to be Replaced with Food Trucks

3/30/23 by Ai'eta Stakes

Following the recent announcement that the canteen will be closed, Dreher administration has made an unusual decision to also close the hot food line, and replace all school lunch with various food trucks. 

This annoucement, obviously a shock to our esteem lunch ladies, has been met with mixed reactions by students and staff alike. "I mean, I enjoy a good taco truck as much as the next guy, but the old lunch was free," said freshman Micheal Maddox, who was quickly shoved into a locker by a passing senior. 

Not everyone's concern has dealt with price, but also logisitics. Having a line of food trucks in the parking lot everyday will cause issues with our already cramped parking lot. "I'm afraid Dr. Georgie won't be able to use his golf cart as efficiently," one senior, who asked to remain anonymous, explained. "Think about it, the golf cart won't be able to weave in between the food trucks. I'm worried about it." 

However, not everyone has been upset. The prospect of fresh Mexican food, Pelican's Sno-balls, barbeque restaurants, and more has its share of supporters as well. "I think this is the best thing to happen to Dreher since Dunkin Donuts opened across the street!" said senior Franklin Baxter.

Whatever happens from here, one thing is clear- atleast when fire alarms go off during 1st Lunch, everyone will already be in the parking lot.