Dreher 2023 Yearbook Better Than Ever

3/22/23 by Tamera Boneparte

Alas, the award-winning Dreher Yearbook is finished, and there are currently only 50 copies left available to buy.

 This year's yearbook is titled Devilish Perceptions, a deep dive into learning more about each other and finding out more of what makes Dreher unique. Our yearbook is 220 colorful and flavorful pages long and has nearly 3,000 pictures jam-packed in the book that covers all sports, arts, clubs, and everything student life at Dreher.

Just how good is this year's book? Our yearbook class was recently honored by the Jostens Publishing Company by receiving the Gold Medal of Excellence, making  Dreher a National Yearbook Program of Excellence. This is the highest level Dreher Yearbook has ever received. Last year, only five high schools in South Carolina were granted this award.

A primary reason why Dreher ranked so high is because of the many photographs you will find inside the yearbook and the cover art. The yearbook cover was assembled by students Tamera Boneparte, Brooke Perry, and Grace Williams. Senior artist Brooke Perry states, “I’ve always had a passion for arts and drawing things, I think I totally nailed the cover.” The senior designer Tamera Boneparte claims “I’ve always had a taste for designs, I went for an abstract vibe when I designed the covers backdrop.” Meanwhile, our senior compositor, Grace Williams says “I helped the two of them organize the cover I think the three of us together make a great team.”

 With copies running so low and time running out, we suggest you buy while you can! It’s totally worth it.

If you are interested in ordering the book, CLICK HERE.